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Life-Changing Youth Group: Bible School: Men & Ladies Minisry

Learn more about Jesus Christ by attending our enlightening youth group or Bible class. At Faith Deliverance Pentecostal Church of God [FAITH] in Brooklyn, New York, we offer various services that wfill increase your knowledge of the Bible.

Child Praying at Church

Youth Movement for Jesus

Help your kids get rid of bad habits and become established in a positive group of friends by
bringing them to our one-of-a-kind youth program. Your students will find love and comfort at
our organization as they worship and praise God. They can join our fun choir and dance group
media programs, and there will be attentive site visits.

One requirement for participating in our youth program is that you have to be present on Saturdays and Sundays. We hold devotional Bible studies, as well as yearly award banquets. After attending our student services, your child’s personal life is sure to be well grounded, permitting them to better serve their community. There is a group that will come in to get them familiar with the Holy Spirit of God and lead them into a stronger life. Incentives will be given to youths who bring other youths to join the group.

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Youth Events
Picture your child making some great new friends at our well-planned youth events. On  May 23rd throuh July 4th we will have youths outreach. Which includes Parents and Youth Luncheon June 6th choir performance, praise and worship. Next, on June 13th Prayer/praise, activities choir and food. On June 20th, we will have prayer, goods, and clothes distribution and choir activities. On June 27th, Neighborhood Crusade for all communities, all youths and families .

This event will be followed by prayer deliverance for institutionalized and incarcerated families on June 27th. At this uplifting event, we hope to help them find peace of mind through God’s good will and lead many youth students to come to know Jesus with their families. Another event during the summer an Honorary Banquet Award Ceremony would be held in honor of all youth who participated and new members.

Men's Ministry

Men's mjnuistry is set up to be an interactive group in the word, working with the vision and mission of the Church and Pastor.Objective: To lead other men to Christ and strengthen them to be strongand true  leaders at home, Church and the World

 MEN"S SUMMIT- JUNE 20th, 2015 Saturday  call for more inforation

Join our men in reaching Men on Saturdays 2:55-3:45


Ladies Ministry

Ladies group work with the vision of the Church in reaching the lost, attending to the needs of the shut In and needy.

 Ladies Summit June 13th, 2015

    interactive area of the study of God's Word

For those who are already Christians and want to be workers of the Lord; enroll in our purposeful Bible school. We offer ministry training through the completion of courses like the Life of Christ With Purpose in First and Second Testament; Evangelism Mobalization; Christian Psychology; Homiletics and Theology. Our leaders have very deep knowledge of the Word of God, both practical and in theory, and they have teaching experience in seminaries and secular schools.

Contact us to get plugged in to an uplifting group of students by attending our engaging youth group.